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SEO: WP Auto Articles 1.3 – WordPress Plugin

The WP Auto Articles plugin provides a quick solution by posting new articles to your blog as often as you need. And these are not old, tired and used articles that have been doing the rounds for years.

Using specially developed algorithms the plugin monitors targeted RSS feeds based on your keywords and delivers brand spanking new articles as and when they arrive at the article directory.

This guarantees you articles that are so new that by the time other blogs get the same content you’ll be ranking high above them in the search engines!


* Unlimited keywords to add as many posts as you like
* The ability to select NoFollow or DoFollow author links
* Maintain Article Directory TOS with ‘Article source’ link
* Create a daily posting schedule
* Add and use WordPress post tags
* Select WordPress category to post in
* ‘Instant articles’ option to add posts immediately
* Full instructions guide included




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